Sunday, May 14, 2023

Mothers Day

 Today, 20 years ago I had my first art fair, which I did for a few years basically just to spend time with my Grandfather on Mothers Day. At the time I skipped out of my graduation for my MFA(which I don't regret missing for a heartbeat), and exhibited in the Marshfield High School gym, which is where the Marshfield Art Festival was held. I made $800, and my career officially started. Not everyone gets to be in the arts for 20 years, I realize I am lucky.

Shortly after the passing of my Mom, a member of our family fell victim to suicide. Its been tough. The paintings I wanted to be about healing went in a different direction. Its anger, raw emotion and whatever needs to get out of me, sometimes that is about healing. There are no answers, this is not intellectual. Its from the gut. Today was my first Mothers Day without the two matriarchs of our family, I painted. Its what I do.

I will be making my shows, I am getting through this. Thank you to all the people that reached out to me during this time.