Monday, June 3, 2024

Poster Boy

 I am proud to announce that I am the featured artist for the Des Moines Arts Festival. Earlier this spring I made a special trip down to the Dubuque area and made drawings and studies for a series of paintings of Iowa with the intent of the Des Moines Art Festival picking one for the poster. Having painted in Northeast Iowa for years now, it was a natural process. The painting I submitted from Jackson County I thought would make the best image and felt the most like me is the one they chose. This is a first for me, and Des Moines treated Katie and I wonderfully the night of the unveiling. Great ceremony, impressive organization, and even Hamm's on tap. Despite being Lutheran, I am excited. Before the unveiling I wore white gloves and signed 200 prints.

So....  If anybody wants a print,  it is 23x30" and I can get you one for $45 plus shipping. I do NOT do prints of my work. The painting was scanned in and the print is on nice stock, it really is top notch. Whoever made this print did a great job and this image here does not represent how good it actually looks in person. The print is only sold at the Des Moines Festival of Arts June 28-30. You can only get it in person or by contacting me ahead of time. There are less than 200 available, signed and numbered by yours truly. If anybody has any interest, please contact me so I can take care of that for you.


PS- Des Moines bought the painting so it is not for sale.