Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The time was right

I painted this in April before things leafed out. It was actually the end of April this year. You aren't supposed to park here on the river road but I waited until a sunny Sunday when less cops were around. This barn is on the Mississippi River and at one time the cattle before the dam was built probably were raised on the backwaters and many islands directly across the road.

A couple little ones in Decorah, Iowa

I have been eying these places up for a while. The white barn is on highway 52 in Decorah, and is used as municipal storage. The other is the Winneshiek County Co-op. I think about how so many small co-ops have disappeared because so many small farms have disappeared. I can only complain about things so much and listen to complaining so much. The best thing I can do is just be an example and live responsibly the best I can. Thank you all for allowing me to do this.

New Work

Two new large big paintings of Iowa. I guess if you have read this you can tell I don't like being on a computer, and haven't updated this as often as I should. This is without doubt the worst part of my job. Standing in the rain, mosquitoes, stupid ignorant people at fairs, traffic, freezing my ass off. Nothing compares with the level of anger as when I am stuck inside on a beautiful day and some lame ass computer doesn't want to function properly. How on earth can people due this shit day after day.