Wednesday, December 30, 2009

more fish

This is a group of fish that I liked. This one looks much better in real life.
I promise I will post a landscape next.

end of the year

Well, I can't say this was my best year ever, but it is ending on a good note. I was selling my shack on the Mississippi River, however the deal didn't go down last week and I am pretty happy about. I haven't been painting much lately due to the stress of thinking I was moving, but no more.
I don't know if I want to keep painting landscapes and driving anymore. I haven't gone off driving a distance painting landscapes since April, I miss it but I refuse to drive a distance more than I have to. I think I will again in the future when I will need to come with paintings for shows. Next year I hope to do more paintings from my bike and boat.
I have been drawing and painting some fish again. If I had my wishes I would like to publish a book of fish drawings.
The top fish is a walleye and the bottom is a sauger. I work only directly from life and I don't go back into the fish paintings/drawings to make them perfect. I want the feeling like someone was there looking and admiring.

Monday, November 2, 2009

not much painting lately

I have been busy and stressed, painting hasn't been my top priority, but here are a few from October.
The last two are the Mississippi River from Stoddard, and the first is the Wisconsin River north of Byron.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I looked up the fish I caught, it is a logperch

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Summer's Over

A couple recent images.
The first is a watercolor of a darter that I did this weekend. I have an ongoing series of fish drawings and watercolors that I do for myself. I haven't painted a fish in a long while, and have never done one of a darter.
The second larger painting of Monday when it was sooooo windy on the river, and probably everywhere else.
The third is more from the fog at Goose Island.

Summers Over

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Upcoming shows

I'm not always the best at lettling people know where I am, today and tomorrow I will be at the Hidden River show in Brookfield, where I was born. On the first weekend in October, I will be at St. James Court in Louisville, KY.

This image is of a slough south of Goose Island in the fog. I painted it in three sittings because the distance of it was just so you could see this only as the fog was lifting. So it changed quickly and was quite fun to paint something that was moving. I can't wait to get back to the river next week, for everything is changing. The lotus plants have mainly died and were orange when I painted this. The trees are starting to turn, the main channel is filled with decaying vegation floating downstream, summer is seemingly grasping for air. I am always stunned to see how fast things change on the river even in a stable weather pattern like we have been experiencing.

Left a good job in the city

So I have been living on the Mississippi River. Unfortunately I am still driving, but I only drive a little ways down the road to Goose Island county park to go painting. There has been fog every morning the last three weeks that lifts around 10AM. It is been great to paint the seemingly living breathing air as it plays with spatial depth. To look at something incredibly inspiring everyday I am there, it really makes me think I am on the right path and am surrounding myself with things that are important to me. I don't really miss the TV or internet because the river always provides me something to look at or think about, or interact with. These are a few of the newer painting of the river. I feel like I am only just cracking the surface as to things I want to be doing.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lac La Belle

I painted these two a couple weeks ago. I got wet and so did everything else. It is very frustrating when you see something you like and the paint doesn't want to stick to the surface. Oil and water....
At the same time it gets me to do something different and sometimes that texture is really cool. Getting outside of myself at this stage in my career is usually a good thing. I want to keep growing and pushing. But this was a beautiful night to be sitting outside over looking a lake. I respond to the way the water and sky become abstract, probably just like Turner.

some new stuff

So I am trying not to drive anymore, it's not going well. One thing I haven't done in a while is paint from my vehicle.
Last week I made a painting box for me to carry on my bike. So I have done a couple paintings from my bike, and from a canoe.
Hopefully the start of something, I don't think these are that good but I feel they are going in the right direction. When I am outside I feel so much more alive and have so many more experiences to paint from, and sitting in a minvan the last few years was slowly killing me.

Monday, July 20, 2009

One more

I liked this one I did from Merrill Hill Road, a few weeks ago.
I can tell when I am feeling well, I paint loosely and with confidence.
It is sold already though

new work

So it has been a while since I posted.
I kind of started hating technology and have went through a few life changes since I started this.
I don't want to drive anymore and I haven't been painting while sitting in my van anymore.
I hate how technology takes us away from the real experience which for is the basis of everything that I
aim to accomplish. So I have been sitting outside getting sunburnt and bitten by mosquitos. It isn't pleasant but
I am liking it better.

I want to thank everyone who over the last few months have supported me, financially and just by being complementary or just saying hi. This blog solely for those of you that like my work, and I plan on continuing it on some level. I just can't be on the computer after I go painting everytime, it just aint me.
This 25x40" painting is in plein air. If you have ever been on this road you know this spot.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Painted today north of Port Washington, it was rainy and the temp was dropping. I can’t believe I haven’t been painting outside for three weeks. I have been busy, but still. I could tell I was a little rusty on the first painting. I think I liked the last painting with just the barren road, and stark gray sky the best. I ended up with five. Things were greening up a little bit but not too much yet near the lake. I listened to the Brewers game at the end.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Cold Spring Painting

I have been busy framing and getting a new job and stuff. But I think I finished this one this week. It is a farm on Madison Street in Waukesha that is getting dilapitated and is lying dormant. The trees in the field remind us that it is no longer a working family farm, and the building seems to fade into a memory.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Figure drawing

I drew the famous Jerry last week at Carroll. I tried watercolors for the first time with a model, I've drawn Jerry since I was a teenager.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Summer show schedule

As of now my show schedule is as follows,

May 10 Marshfield
May 16-17 Broad Ripple in Indianapolis IN
May 29,30,31 Summerfair in Cincinnati OH
June 5-7 Columbus Art Festival Columbus OH
Possibly June 13-14 Hinsdale, IL
June 20-21 Stone Arch Festival of the Arts Minneapolis MN
July 11,12 Art off the Square in Madison WI
August 29-31 Art Street in Green Bay WI

Possibly more will come

Here are a few plein air painting from this spring /winter

Top one is sunset from the Hide House in Bayview, I couldn't resist painting the bright orange sky, it was so much colder than its' warm color would let you believe.
Middle one is a road is Woelfel Rd in New Berlin during a march snowfall. I would have liked to have stayed and painted that moment forever, but it was getting dark quickly and I had to go teach a class. I almost spun off the road right after this was painted, but I was lucky for there were quite a few spin offs.
Bottom one is from January, I liked the my headlights hit the snow and the way the sky was still a faint gray blue after the sun had set. I listened to the NFL playoffs that day while I was painting. One wouldn't think painting pastoral scenes and football would go together, but when you paint for a living anyhting that eases your mind is a good thing.

I couple paintings that I have been working on. I hate that they look soooo much crappier in a digital image than in reality.
I liked the idea of looking into the sun, one is the spring ice on the mississippi river and the other is my favorite tree from Williams Farm on bryn road.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Painted near Port Washington today. Somedays it is hard to get the ball rolling, and some days everything is magical and you can’t do anything fast enough. Today was more of the former than the latter. Had to get gas, and then was hungry and went to Subway and the took a couple wrong turns. Then ended up painting a barn that I remember painting last year on Kentucky Derby day. I wasn’t so excited and then I saw a couple hawks sparring, and had to say to myself, you know I am lucky to be outside observing and being around things that are important to me. I was focused and had a good day from that point forward. I found some structures on Falls Rd. that I had painted years ago and was happy to see them and paint them again. The north to south stratus clouds helped out as they seem to stay in position longer for me to paint them, or at least repeat themselves. After feeling unmotivated in the beginning at the end I got into a groove and did seven paintings that I was satisfied with.

Painted in New Berlin on Woelfel Rd and Observatory Rd . It was sad to see the land subdivided and for sale. Perhaps that is one of the few good things about the recession is less development. Of course that is such a stupid word, as the land was more developed when it was a healthy forest two hundred years ago than it is today. There are three old farms in a short stretch that are solemn and fitting to my sensibilities. The sky was faded and heavy, but it was cold and in the end rainy. I like the consistency of the light, but it was mundane. It feels old when I am there. I feel the structure of a way of life that once thrived still standing. It feels dead, as that system for the most part doesn’t exist. Seems like all that is grown now is hay and corn. Perhaps we will come to our senses and make that most of these places before they are all in a state of disrepair

Monday, March 30, 2009

A few images from Sunday. I wanted to paint the snow one last time this year. It is funny how no matter how much I look forward to spring I am always sad to see the snow leave. By the time I got out in the afternoon, the snow had passed and the sky was clearing. The sun seems so much warmer now, as I had to roll the window down and take my jacket off. It could not have been because I was doing hot paintings, a pretty non stellar day but, I got ideas and that doesn't happen as often as I would like it.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some recent landscapes
The hill is behind Willams farm on Bryne Road. One of my favorite places.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I have been drawing some houses lately...

Hello all.
I have started this for all of those interested in my work.