Monday, August 17, 2009

Lac La Belle

I painted these two a couple weeks ago. I got wet and so did everything else. It is very frustrating when you see something you like and the paint doesn't want to stick to the surface. Oil and water....
At the same time it gets me to do something different and sometimes that texture is really cool. Getting outside of myself at this stage in my career is usually a good thing. I want to keep growing and pushing. But this was a beautiful night to be sitting outside over looking a lake. I respond to the way the water and sky become abstract, probably just like Turner.

some new stuff

So I am trying not to drive anymore, it's not going well. One thing I haven't done in a while is paint from my vehicle.
Last week I made a painting box for me to carry on my bike. So I have done a couple paintings from my bike, and from a canoe.
Hopefully the start of something, I don't think these are that good but I feel they are going in the right direction. When I am outside I feel so much more alive and have so many more experiences to paint from, and sitting in a minvan the last few years was slowly killing me.