Sunday, April 18, 2010

kinda new paintings

I haven't really gone out painting in 10 days, busy and sick
I really really hate computers and digital images. I think if I am successful it is because I have gone my own way and have a real authentic experience with nature, and hopefully a unique voice. Not something I was taught at school, or picked up looking at any particular artist. Art and Nature is an emotional experience and it isn't easy. Technology takes away the emotional experience and rounds off the edges without realizing that the struggle and imperfections make the experience so powerful.
Looking at the land doesn't scream out for your attention and money, it just is.
I am fortunate to have chosen a path with my life that enables those emotional experiences, and I encourage everyone to do the same and I hope my paintings remind people to do so.

These are two more paintings of Brinkman Ridge Road

Summer Show Schedule

So I am pretty bad at promoting myself. Last week I painted at the Art in Bloom at the art musuem in Milwaukee and I didn't hardly tell anyone. On that note this is my summer show schedule as of now.

May 10th Marshfield WI-Mothers Day Art Fair-I do this one because it is near my grandma
May 16-17th Indianapolis IN-Broad Ripple Art Fair
June 19-20th Minneapolis MN-Stonearch Festival of Arts
June 26-27th Duluth MN-Park Point Art Festival
July 10-11th Madison WI-Art Off the Square- the cool people are not on the square
August 6-8th Minneapolis MN Uptown Art Fair
August 28-29th Green Bay WI- Art Street
September 10-12th St Louis MO- St Louis Art Fair
October 1-3rd Louisville KY-St. James Court

I will update the schedule when I know more

Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Brinkman Ridge Road

This white house is 105 years old and stunning, I am not doing it justice though.

Brinkman Ridge Road

So Brinkman Ridge Road is pretty awesome. I can't paint fast enough to express the changing seasons. Damn warm weather.
The big painting is like 25x50 and the smaller study is like 7x18. I lke the relationship of the land and building and from farmstead to farmstead. I'll probably paint this one again, and again.