Monday, June 21, 2010

Large painting

This is a new large painting- Road to Nowhere. Inspired by the oil spill in the gulf, capitalism and our culture.

I like to keep the site to be about my paintings but I am really proud of the martin house. It came from my great grandfathers farm. An hour after setting it up there where purple martins on it!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Canoe Painting

I had to paint the calm evening sky, and so I paddled out in front of the house and did this one looking south.
It is the Missisippi River backwaters and main channel to the south.
I feels good just using a canoe and no motors. It kicks my butt somedays but I am not using any oil.
It also feels good to do a painting you like from time to time.
Can you tell I was looking at Monet this week?

New Vice

Yup, a bad new thing happened this week-Trout Fishing
I love how intimate trout fishing is. There are fields near Coon Valley with bobolinks and meadowlarks. It is so nice to walk in places that aren't growing corn, where there is diversity in animals and plants.

Stormy Paintings

It has rained seemingly everyday this month. So plenty of chances to paint rainy skies.