Friday, August 20, 2010

New Paintings From Michigan

I have been so busy doing shows, all I do is paint and frame paintings. This is not how I like to paint because I feel like I pick out obvious things. It is also mentally draining to be constantly painting under pressure. The light in Michigan is so different and the sandy soil makes the color of the fields different. It is nice to see different things, orchards and beech trees. I wish I could go back and not paint in such harsh lighting.
And by the way zinc white sucks. It is not very opaque and drove me nuts. Never again.
1.Farm with ceramic tile silo in shadow, near Manistee, MI, Hwy 31
2.White house with random cloud east of Traverse City, Hwy 72
3.Hay bales in Wood County, WI
4.Clouds over the East Arm of Grand Traveres Bay
5.Farm near Luddington, MI- had to paint quickly to get on the ferry, probably better that way

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Deep in the dog days

I painted this barn whose owner is a 76 year old bachelor farmer named Merwin. As he walked his dog down the road I could see my grandpa in him with his slow gait and arthritic arms. It felt good to paint this barn.

The panoramic image is on Bryn Rd, which is really cool but I don't like it as much since they started planting corn.