Thursday, October 22, 2020


Due to Covid-19 we still have had no art shows. I will continue to keep posting new work here on my Available Works page. Thank you to the people who have supported us through this continuing ordeal. We had an enormously successful garden this year that has kept us very busy the last couple months. It has been wonderful to be at the farm and work outside and paint. This was painted during the height of the garden chaos.

I have not been driving around painting too much until yesterday. The politics in rural Wisconsin has not been very artistically inspiring the last few months. I have been working from the homestead mainly and loving it. I will have some new smaller paintings available for people again shortly. Despite the completely revolting morons in this area, it was great to execute a few little paintings yesterday and be excited by being outside and experiencing beauty. Not everyone in this area is despicable and it felt good to put one over on the those who are incapable of seeing beauty! It is such a great feeling to be pumped up as you drive home by something you painted.