Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This farm is above Genoa. I wanted to paint a building but this seemed better. The hardest thing for me is to figure out what to paint. When you are so intent on one thing you can become blind to what is actually around you. Better yet this is an organic farm.


Driving back from Milwaukee for the holiday, I had to squeeze in the daily painting.
I hate the digital images so often because you cannot see the textures. I saw the Impressionist works on paper show the day before. Seeing those things in person is so important because they are so powerful and carry such a presence that is emotionally overwhelming.I don't know how you get better than that. So this painting looks a little like Pisarro.


This image is all distorted like a camera lens, so I must have used a camera.
No. The question with curvilinear perspective is do I draw it as it appears or do I straiten it out so it looks more "normal". I didn't straiten it out this time.
This barn is near Coon Valley. I bought feed for my chickens there.

#37, #38

I looked up a distant cousin Justin Isherwood, farmer/writer, he spearheaded the project to take pictures of all the pictures in Portage County. Portage County being were half my family seemingly come from.

I had to drive over to Stevens Point recently and did these two paintings near their farm. It was nice to paint in the snow but I hate leaving the day knowing you left something more or better out there. Of course it hasn't snowed since.

#34, #35, #36

Three paintings of Lake Michigan.
South Shore Yacht Club(Christmas Morning)
Bradford Beach
St. Francis


What do people do the day before Christmas? Paint


Full moon setting over the frozen Mississippi River.


I told you I could do a better one than that first one.

#27, #28, #29, #30

I had a little road trip for a commission. So I had only like a half hour to paint the bottom painting, before hitting the road. I was pretty stressed out to do something that wasn't complete shit. I got lucky.
The other paintings were outside Merill, and Wisconsin Rapids. It is so much easier being able to have a reasonable horizon line, unlike the steep hills and valleys of the driftless region here.


Genoa, WI


Two paintings on two different days. There is an old expression, you never fish the same river twice. Having been around the Mississippi River the last few years I know this to be true and I hope these paintings capture that sentiment. Different edges, different colors, different patterns, same place.


Last light sunset on Chipmunk Ridge Road.

#21, #22

Two barns in snow. Not much snow so far. Winter is going by faster than usual but I am actually starting to pine for snow.

#19, 20

I am falling behind posting and thinking this streak is stupid but I am still going on.
Two images of Stoddard, WI. I know the one is a stereotypical image of a junker car in the yard but I really wanted to paint the tobacco shed on the left side. I found out that there is a house with three acres that used to grow tabacco in town. Oh for a house with three acres in a town.
The other painting I liked the white of the American Legion. I like that this streak makes me paint things I wouldn't usually paint.