Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Half way home

 So, we are half way through our show season. I want to say thank you to everyone who has come out to support us. We have never been this exhausted and worn down before. Every good conversation, hello, hug or purchase of a painting has greatly helped us get through this tough stretch. I can honestly say I have given all I can to my family and my career and I am greatly looking forward to some down time. 

I will be in:

Uptown Art Fair, Minneapolis Aug 4-6

Charlevoix Waterfront Art Festival Aug 12

Plaza Art Fair, Kansas City Sept 22-24

St. James Court Art Festival, Louisville Oct 6-8

Oddly enough my work feels just as good as ever, whatever that means. I have things I want to do with painting, but it means slowing down. After this stretch of shows I will only be showing when I want and where I want, period. At our own pace. I will not be saying goodbye to shows, but I will never push myself to the point my body is breaking down ever again.  That said, I feel so blessed to be an artist, and with the path my life has taken. Doing the shows is very bonding. All the doors that have been opened to me, the friendships created and fullness of life has gotten through this last year. I am very satisfied with how things are going despite some major family losses.

On the way back from Ann Arbor, Katie was driving and I saw this cloud. So naturally I found a piece of scrap paper in the van and did I sketch of it. The drawing became this painting. This is my process. Olde School. I prefer to feel the image of the cloud rather than scientifically render it. Clearly I am an emotional person, and that is what needs to exit my body through the act of painting. Notice all the license plates we wrote down on the piece of scrap paper. Yes, we are dorks and always play the license plate game when traveling. So many times in painting, it is the abstract idea that creates the painting. A mood. A color. A shape.