Sunday, February 5, 2012


Three brown and white paintings.
#60 is the valley on the outskirts of town
#61 is a snowstorm in Goose Island.
#62 is no snow just east of Genoa

#55, #56, #57, #58, #59

Five Tonalist Paintings
#55 is the bluffs near Goose Island viewed from the north.
#56 and #57 are from a dead end road on the edge of town.
#58 and #59 are of the river.
I saw some Tonalist paintings in some books and they inspired me to paint some.


#53 Barn on the outskirts of town
#54 barn in a valley about a mile from here. I painted surrounded by birds, which in January in unusual. Woodpeckers, tufted titmouse, cardinals, blue jay, juncos, chickadees, they made it easier to tolerate to biting cold.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


#49 was a warm day on Zietlow Lane
#50 is Coon Creek viewed from a hill. I had the worst hangover ever and headache when painting this. Art is so unpredictable, you can be in the greatest mood ever and feel like you are in rhythm and it can all go away from you like you dropped a quarter into the river. Then you can be drunk and do fine. Kinda weird way to make a living.
#51 was a cold sunset on the ridge south of town.
#52 is a sunset on the ridge north of town.


Non agricultural paintings.

#45 is the bluffs in Winona. The building is a Culver's fast food restaurant.
It is like a thumb in a photograph. Only a people that don't care about the health of our planet, or a sense of community could create such a scene. I'll try not to be negative.

#46 is a day that the high temperature in Winona was zero. I felt sorry for the mailman and did a painting to honor those people.

#47 is a building that is about a block from my house. I think it was built in the 30's. I really liked the craftsmanship. I wish we as a culture appreciated that more than we do. When you appreciate craft you appreciate people. When you appreciate only ideas you appreciate people a little less.

#48 is the Northern Tobacco Co-op building in Genoa. I liked the weird diagonal of the bluff behind it.

#42, #43, #44

I am falling behind. I am up to day 74 but only posted a little more than half.
Here are a few.

#42 is the river on New Years Day.
Really fucking cold and windy. There was 34 bald eagles on the ice that morning.

#43 is fog on the still open river in December.

#44 a snowy day by Mount La Crosse ski hill.