Monday, July 11, 2016

Back from the dead

I went to my Grandmas last week in Wisconsin Rapids and painted. It was great, I even had a buddy join me on a couple. Going from the steep hills of Vernon County to the flatest part of the state is a mind bender but stimulating. And so is going back to places that I literally painted 16 years ago. When I graduated collage I lived with my Grandma for the summer and painted everyday until I left for grad school. I should have stayed in Rapids, anyways... The first painting is of a cranberry marsh I painted 16 years ago and I remember it being a breakthrough for me. I really enjoyed painting the boxcar, it looks much better than this crappy image of it. I think it fits into my themes of change and decay. The last one was sitting at the visitors sign at the Buena Vista Grasslands. Smelling all the native plants and the fresh rain was very memorable. I have said this before but I really am touched and grateful for people supporting to the level they do. I can't believe it is my life many days.It should also be noted that I am incredibly lucky to be 38 and be able to go to my Grandmas to work and relax. I feel completely loved by her.