Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Summer's Over

A couple recent images.
The first is a watercolor of a darter that I did this weekend. I have an ongoing series of fish drawings and watercolors that I do for myself. I haven't painted a fish in a long while, and have never done one of a darter.
The second larger painting of Monday when it was sooooo windy on the river, and probably everywhere else.
The third is more from the fog at Goose Island.

Summers Over

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Upcoming shows

I'm not always the best at lettling people know where I am, today and tomorrow I will be at the Hidden River show in Brookfield, where I was born. On the first weekend in October, I will be at St. James Court in Louisville, KY.

This image is of a slough south of Goose Island in the fog. I painted it in three sittings because the distance of it was just so you could see this only as the fog was lifting. So it changed quickly and was quite fun to paint something that was moving. I can't wait to get back to the river next week, for everything is changing. The lotus plants have mainly died and were orange when I painted this. The trees are starting to turn, the main channel is filled with decaying vegation floating downstream, summer is seemingly grasping for air. I am always stunned to see how fast things change on the river even in a stable weather pattern like we have been experiencing.

Left a good job in the city

So I have been living on the Mississippi River. Unfortunately I am still driving, but I only drive a little ways down the road to Goose Island county park to go painting. There has been fog every morning the last three weeks that lifts around 10AM. It is been great to paint the seemingly living breathing air as it plays with spatial depth. To look at something incredibly inspiring everyday I am there, it really makes me think I am on the right path and am surrounding myself with things that are important to me. I don't really miss the TV or internet because the river always provides me something to look at or think about, or interact with. These are a few of the newer painting of the river. I feel like I am only just cracking the surface as to things I want to be doing.