Wednesday, September 20, 2023


 Heading to KC tonight. I am fried and have been for months, but the light is at the end of the tunnel.Two shows, Plaza and St James Court and I am done for a while. This has been one of the most challenging years of my life and I need a break. My arm feels like it is going to fall off. Physically my body needs a break. After this I am semi-retired or whatever you want to call it. In the spring we are going to open up our gallery to the public, at least on a limited or by appointment basis. I don't know how many shows I am doing next year, as many as I have work for without sacrificing the balance in my life. I am done with that shit. I will paint over the winter at my own pace and make work at my own pace. Work on other themes and ideas. Edit my book. I don't entirely know and I don't care, it will figure itself out. I am not worried about it.

That said, I still love what I am doing, and think I am doing it as well as ever. Here are a few heading to KC, including our new yellow barn. Once again thank you to everyone who has supported me through this long year.