Wednesday, December 16, 2015

White Christmas

Thank you everybody once again, I can not say that enough. Thank you el nino for the brown Christmas. This painting is actually from Nov. 21, in my hometown. My good friend Greg(the railroad conductor) and I spent many hours by the old Soo Line depot in Waukesha. It's a couple blocks from where I grew up. I like the link between railroads and history and painting landscapes. Like barns I am drawn to old buildings, local materials and well, things that are beautiful. If you have read any of this blog and wonder, why does Andy get sarcastic or pessimistic, or why is he a non-comformist. Well the short answer is: things used to be more beautiful; and if you were me and make your living painting things, wouldn't you feel the same way? My hometown looked better in previous decades and most nearly every place I have ever been to I could say the same thing about. Anyways I respond to things built by hand, with character or an emphasis on aesthetics instead of always efficiency. The important things in life are not efficient. I vow to never embody that and encourage everyone to do the same. Merry Christmas and everything else.