Tuesday, March 20, 2012

#80,#81,#82, #83,#84

Snow scenes from the least snowiest winter I can remember.Because it has been so warm I am afraid if it snows again it will be very damaging. #80 is the bluff in Winona. Hard to believe the sun doesn't rise much above the bluff in winter. #81 is near Trempeleau. #82 is the Big River out from Stoddard. #83 is the Trempeleau National Wildlife Refuge. #84 is looking out my window in the snow at ice shanties.


Lansing Iowa. I will come back and paint here again.
The romance of the river towns sometimes gets me.

#77, #78

I love this farm on Chipmunk Ridge. The farmers came out and were very interested and nice to me. Which isn't always the case. I could paint this place many times before I would get bored.

#72, #73, #74, #75, #76

These are on painted after class near Winona MN.#72 I waited forever for the sun to hit the buildings. I love painting the moment and relying on your memory. That is the only thing that matters, not what it is but what you remember. #73 is off Hwy 43. #74 I like painting the white building in the sun. The concrete silo is unusual for these parts. #75 patterns with the snow and sunshine. #76 is done on a dark underpainting to get the texture of the building.

#67, #68, #69, #70, #71

Close ups of barns. #67 is from Brookfield. The farm was left to the county when the only son died in a threshing accident. How do I know that? Because my Grandma was engaged to the man at the time. My great uncle helped build the foundation.#68 is Stoddard. #69 is south of Stoddard up on the ridge. It is across from an Amish farm. I love watching them as I paint. #70 Also up on the ridge. When the farmer asked what I was doing he looked sideways with me. #71 is on Brinkman Ridge Road. I listen to my cousin give the noon news on the radio when painting this, which I don't get to do everyday. I  was so sad from the news that I couldn't paint any longer after finishing up and went home and went to bed for a while.

#63, #64, #65, #66

Two cases of the same barns on different days.