Thursday, February 25, 2010

South of Stoddard

Did this last week. It is the wetland around Coon Creek south of town. In the summer there are at times dozens of egrets here.
One thing I don't like about the river is that it is seemingly always bordered by highway or railway. It would make like the coolest bike trail in the world. I can dream......


This is where I live now. I wanted to do a limited pallete, high key painting of the river.
I hope it worked.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mid Winter Catch

I couple weeks ago we caught these fish called spottail shiners, they are very beautiful with a dark pthalo blue dot where the vertabrae stops and the tail begins. We walked out on the ice a mile to a secret spot and by some fluke I drilled on top of a large school of these fish. The Mississippi River I do believe is the most romantic place I have ever encountered, and always full of surprises, the only thing that compares are the great lakes. The river means so much to me. When I get up and look at it each day it never disappoints. Having grown up on the other side of the state with the notion of having to go "up north" the river is a real change of pace. By me there aren't very many jetski's and pleasure boaters. Unless in the main channel, the vast majority of the river, thank goodness, doesn't allow for such foolishness. There are so many places to explore and hide that are no good to the attitude that I have grown up around. Out from me lies a shallow bay choked with duckweed and anchored by lotus and coontail along with many other plants I do not know the names of but wish I did. You couldn't really put in a pier and you definitely wouldn't go swimming. To my selfish great pleasure it is of little use to most people, even though I know that it is a sad inditement of our culture. And so let people go "up north" I am fine with them overlooking the river, I know the spottail shiners don't miss them.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl

In the spirit of Saints vs. Colts, Brees vs Manning and Man vs Food
I present fall vs winter at Goose Island
The top one is during hoarfrost and the bottom during morning valley fog.

River Valley Winter Paintings

So I have been getting more of a feeling of the river environment. It is hard for me to paint something so beautiful and actually have a point to it. I like how the bluffs look in the winter, and how I can abstract them easier. I have been painting near Winona, MN and of course Stoddard, WI. I am actually sad that I have only a month or so of snow left on the bluffs as I was just getting into it. All these painting are done in Mississippi River valley.

Wood County Winter Paintings

There has been hoarfrost this month which has been great. I painted near Wisconsin Rapids a few weeks ago, on a visit to my Grandmothers house during the pretty heavy hoarfrost period. Near Rudolph, WI is a flat sandy area I think similar somewhat to the area Aldo Leopold speaks of in a Sand County Almanac, only with more farms. After being along the Mississippi River bluffs it is a nice place to paint and a place I have a history with.