Monday, April 6, 2009

Painted in New Berlin on Woelfel Rd and Observatory Rd . It was sad to see the land subdivided and for sale. Perhaps that is one of the few good things about the recession is less development. Of course that is such a stupid word, as the land was more developed when it was a healthy forest two hundred years ago than it is today. There are three old farms in a short stretch that are solemn and fitting to my sensibilities. The sky was faded and heavy, but it was cold and in the end rainy. I like the consistency of the light, but it was mundane. It feels old when I am there. I feel the structure of a way of life that once thrived still standing. It feels dead, as that system for the most part doesn’t exist. Seems like all that is grown now is hay and corn. Perhaps we will come to our senses and make that most of these places before they are all in a state of disrepair