Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Champions of the World

 I did this painting yesterday to say I painted this on the day the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA Championship. This is the first championship for the city in my lifetime. my head is spinning.

Milwaukee has meant a lot to me throughout me life. I have lived, worked, went to school or kept an apartment in Milwaukee for almost all my entire adult life. Having grown up in a town that called Milwaukee a place for f@ggots and n*ggers (something I heard in high school and more than once), I have come to realize I have more in common with Milwaukee than where I grew up. Even though we have this wonderful farm 40 miles from downtown Milwaukee, we feel still our hometown is Milwaukee. Living in a rural area that is, at times, anti-Milwaukee, anti-liberal arts culture, anti-brown people has been sometimes exasperating, and makes me question why I live here. I wish we as a country could better appreciate the positive things in both rural and urban areas. Most rural people have much more in common with city folk than they realize. And vice-versa. All I can do is try my hardest to be positive and do good work. I am proud of this painting, this barn which we preserved and the land we didn't allow to get built up. I am also very proud of Milwaukee and enjoyed the hell out of them winning it all last night. Perhaps partying like it was 1971 wasn't the smartest thing...   Queen's We Are The Champions has never sounded so good to me.

Bucks in 6!