Thursday, August 3, 2017

Study and Painting

So this is how I work. Sometimes. One is the study from life. The other is the painting from my drawing. Sometimes I don't like using a study, because that gets in the way of how I picture it in my mind. This day I drove out quite a ways only to get a flat tire. Drove back on the spare to have my childhood friend fix the tire and make fun of me only in a way your lifelong friends can. So I missed the morning light and got stuck in the mid day heat on a flat dry boring day, hence it took me a long time to find something I wanted to paint. Very very frustrating at the time, but now just seems part of the process. It is all those struggles that show up in the long run. I truly believe all that ends up somehow in your work, because when I started painting I was definitely emotional and laser focused. Taking the easy most efficient path to me usually is boring and not very rewarding.