Monday, November 14, 2016

Especially Bleak Painting

This painting is titled The Cubs Win The World Series and Trump Gets Elected. I debate whether to express my opinions on politics, I am sure that most people don't want to hear them. But then again there are certain points in history when if you are not outspoken then you are part of the problem. This is one of those points. I wish it wasn't and it shouldn't be really. Compared to where our country was 8 years ago this is like heaven. I don't know how to communicate with a group of people that don't appreciate quality and wouldn't buy one of my paintings if it cost $20. Too many people in this country eat bad food, listen to bad music, dress bad, talk poorly, can't listen and support things that in the long run hurt us all. I am a smart talented person and I have to listen to these dopes virtually every day of my life. And I try to listen, and I will continue to try. But damnit is isn't right when one half of our country feels scared and oppressed by the actions of the other half. It is wrong to have one side of our country feel scared and oppressed. It is more wrong for one side of our country make the other side feel that way. To me that is un-American and represents the worst parts of our country that had slaves and destroyed Native American cultures. Life goes on and all I can do is hope and pray our "leaders" have common sense and try to think for all of us.