Saturday, February 4, 2012


Non agricultural paintings.

#45 is the bluffs in Winona. The building is a Culver's fast food restaurant.
It is like a thumb in a photograph. Only a people that don't care about the health of our planet, or a sense of community could create such a scene. I'll try not to be negative.

#46 is a day that the high temperature in Winona was zero. I felt sorry for the mailman and did a painting to honor those people.

#47 is a building that is about a block from my house. I think it was built in the 30's. I really liked the craftsmanship. I wish we as a culture appreciated that more than we do. When you appreciate craft you appreciate people. When you appreciate only ideas you appreciate people a little less.

#48 is the Northern Tobacco Co-op building in Genoa. I liked the weird diagonal of the bluff behind it.