Tuesday, December 6, 2011


People tell me I am like Hopper. Well yes, this one looks like the artist I ardently studied in my early twenties. People used to grow quite a bit of tobacco in southwestern Wisconsin. In Ben Logan's book the Land Remembers they grew it not too far from here. Mainly Norwegians(like me). I discovered a tobacco shed in town this week as well, about a block from me. I guess tobacco is hard on the land so I guess I am not that sad to see that it isn't grown here too much anymore. But the tobacco sheds are visually interesting, and this outcropping of tobacco culture is in Genoa, just down the road. I like that is feels lonely in the painting. You can see the Mississippi River and the railway line on the left, shipping routes.
I draw inspiration from Hopper, but I never try to do a painting like anyone else, just the images of my spirit. Perhaps Hopper and I have a similar spirit. We talk about things in a similar language that is/was different than that of our contemporary artists. I find that academic/contemporary/installation artists sometimes don't take me serious because I am working in a traditional way. I think all you have to do is read my blog to realize I am not old fashioned, I am just me.