Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Paintings

Geez, I am sorry I didn't realize it was two months since I posted.
Here are a couple barns, the red ones from Door County, and the white one Brookfield

Thoughts good and bad.
I wonder if I can be grateful and offend everyone at the same time.
As I travel and see things a couple things become obvious.
One our country has problems and two it isn't all our politicians fault. It is pretty much everyone I meet that is at fault.
If you invest in the stock market you okay bad behavior. If you don't buy local it you enable corporations. For every second you spend on a computer somebody is making money off of you. Google doesn't need more money. These companies don't need more lobbyists. If you don't question mainstream culture you are not paying attention because it is rude and stupid. If you don't communicate with the people around you in a meaningful way, we get what everyone is sick off, partisan gridlock because it seems nobody is capable of having a real conversation. If you blame the government you should probably turn it around on yourself. I heard some women say that Obama hasn't created enough jobs. Can you imagine if I had to depend on the president or politicians for my career? I would still be in my room at my parents house. People need to turn their shit off and get to know the world around them. As I am fortunate enough to travel around the country I know who has the money and who doesn't. It is pretty clear. As I see towns crumbling because they aren't attracting jobs or can't afford the infrastructure, it is probably your fault if you give your money to corporations. Unfortunately that is almost everyone.
So grow your own food, get your butt outside and discover what is around you. Ask yourself what it means to be a loving responsible adult.

My good thoughts are I am incredibly lucky to be doing what I am doing and I want to thank everyone for supporting me.
And I really mean that. I am so fortunate to meet many people that live interesting lives and care deeply about the world around them and moreover, act on it. It is those people that encourage me and keep my going strong. Well that and the beer...