Thursday, December 23, 2010


It is that time of year again-snowscapes.

I want people to look at my paintings of southeastern wisconsin as protest painting, the images I choose all reject what our culture is doing to the land. I am not looking nostaglicly backwards.The culture I am painting seems as dead as that old blue truck in the painting above. It isn't fun to say, think or feel that what you see around you is wrong. And in my case so wrong and hideous that I cannot even make images from it generally.
So I choose places that are remnants of an older way.

When I look at the world I am someone that feels deeply, and feeling guides me through my decisions in life.
This is something I am learning and can't explain. The painting with only the brush and trees is an example of this. It felt powerful looking at it. This isn't my brain telling me this, it is my body. It is a physical reaction for me. This painting is about seeing something that "felt right". The sunset painting is like that too, but wasn't as powerful for me

The other painting of the white barn is a farm that has been divided up into "commercial property"