Sunday, May 23, 2010

More updates

I am successful despite myself it seems. I am no good at telling people what is going on.
Katie Musolff and I have a show up currently in Waukesha. This is my first show in my home town.
The show opened last night at Waukesha Tattoo and Galleria Edge, and it was nice to see old profs from Carroll and UW-Waukesha. Thank you to George Wang for offering us the show. The space was redigned and is a great place to show. In the middle of the space are the tattoo booths and around the edge is the gallary space. It is a nice way to include art into a more non tradional space. So congrats and best of luck to George. I am showing some of my fish drawings, which I haven't done in a long long time, I have about 50 up.
Katie has about a dozen paintings. So if you are in Waukesha anytime soon come see the space and the show.