Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Three Panoramic Paintings

I have been working in this format lately. It is hard to see this format on a computer but...
The icy bluffs was first, that is the view from my yard in February.

The end of February beginning of March snow sunest on the bottom was fun, except cold, it is up on Chipmunk Ridge Road, fast becoming one of my favorite all time spots.

And the sunset with the ice was last week also from my yard. I LOVE when the ice is retreating, I did three little paintings the day before I did the panoramic one. Yesterday was I think the last chance for me to paint the ice. Yesterday as I painted thousands of Tundra Swans, and hundreds of Pelicans splashed and honked in the dark distance. The Mergansers and Canadian Geese and Bald Eagles were out there too. The river is a dream somedays.

I am wondering if I am spouting off too much and should just post paintings, but I think Art really is a vehicle that gets us talking about the things that really matter, the environment in my case. I hope everyone feels this way.