Sunday, January 10, 2010

Madison Street

So I have been painting again around Waukesha. I usually don't like to go on rants here but it is my blog.

It makes me so angry that everytime I come home something really insane has happened. A few examples, now on the corner of Highway 18 and 83 is a walgreens where up until last year, there was a family dairy farm. Like we need another stupid walgreens.
I wonder what percentage of businesses in Waukesha are not local and I wonder what the exact consequences are. Just think of all that money leaving and never coming back. No wonder we are turning into a second rate country where the top few control so much.
The new bank at Merrill Hills Road and Hwy 18 caused me to swear, as I can remember not to long ago deer in that field. Screw bielenski builders for that monstrosity of developement. This sprawl crap doesn't benefit the town and definitely in the long run it is incredibly stupid.
What made me most upset was a house that was torn down on Madison Street. In the second painting the house would have been behind the milkhouse. All that is left of this farmstead is the barns as some of the land has been sold of and I don't know what is happening with that property. I would have loved to live in that house, it was a beautiful farm house. Instead across the street we get giant McMansions. What kind of jerk wants to live there? Why cant we grow our own food locally damnit. Destroying houses and farms like this makes me more and more of a misanthrope everyday. My homeland feels overgrown and is dying a long slow death. I see all these old farms that don't grow nothing but corn it seems like. There aren't very many that grow vegatables to eat and even though this is still a dairy state, there certainly aren't many farms with cows roaming around. It is disturbing. This is the real cost of all the cheap shit in this country. Just think of what we could really do with that land, and how much better that would be for us and the environment, if we weren't so addicted to cheap shit and afraid of so much. I guess I am a dreamer. Madison Street just 10 years ago was stunningly beautiful, now it is just so only in between the new houses. It seems that some of the ugliest people I come across live in them, the kind that don't like paintings.

Waukesha fires me up because it can still be beautiful which I hope my paintings show. Unfortionately consumerism doesn't care. Sorry for the anger everyone