Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here are a few plein air painting from this spring /winter

Top one is sunset from the Hide House in Bayview, I couldn't resist painting the bright orange sky, it was so much colder than its' warm color would let you believe.
Middle one is a road is Woelfel Rd in New Berlin during a march snowfall. I would have liked to have stayed and painted that moment forever, but it was getting dark quickly and I had to go teach a class. I almost spun off the road right after this was painted, but I was lucky for there were quite a few spin offs.
Bottom one is from January, I liked the my headlights hit the snow and the way the sky was still a faint gray blue after the sun had set. I listened to the NFL playoffs that day while I was painting. One wouldn't think painting pastoral scenes and football would go together, but when you paint for a living anyhting that eases your mind is a good thing.